If you have enrolled in the 40 Square Consortium Health Plan – thank you!


As a health plan cooperative, we are committed to helping members find comprehensive health care solutions that benefit Minnesota farmers. With co-op ownership, you are part of an empowered community of Americans working together to find common solutions that help curb rising health plan pricing, gain access to local doctors and access quality health plan offerings.


40 Square Cooperative Solutions is a cooperative created to bring health plan solutions to the agricultural community and Minnesota farm families. Currently, 40 Square is working diligently to bring sustainable health plan offerings to its membership. Our goal is to have coverage effective January 1, 2018, with open enrollment to take place in late fall 2017. Check back often for updates and news.


By joining 40 Square Cooperative Solutions, you become part of a movement that is changing the way health care is purchased by Minnesota’s farm community. Select from multiple health plan options that have access to physicians and hospitals where you live and work. If you would like to receive informational updates, please provide your email address and pertinent information.