About 40 Square

40 Square has been the collective mission of health care advocates for more than a decade. Cooperative Network, the Minnesota and Wisconsin state trade association of cooperatives and United Farmers Cooperative, an agricultural supply cooperative based in Winthrop, Minnesota, has been striving for member-owned health plan options for Minnesota farm families and their employees since 2004. Putting this idea into motion, 40 Square Cooperative Solutions was created and registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State in 2009.

With recent legislative changes, 40 Square Cooperative Solutions, is excited to sponsor a joint self-insurance plan that will be funded through a trust. (The joint self-insurance plan and trust is also known as the 40 Square Consortium Health Plan or “Consortium.”)


To establish a member-owned, member-governed cooperative which will: 1) offer increased access to quality health coverage options; 2) inform, coach, and educate its members about health care and, 3) provide wellness information for Minnesota’s agricultural community.


To be recognized by our members, and the health care industry, as a member-controlled provider of health coverage with outstanding service that brings trust, transparency and ownership to our 40 Square Cooperative Solutions’ Members.

Annual Meetings

The 40 Square Annual Meetings of the members was held in late March 2018. Read more about the meeting, download the annual report and find biographies of newly elected board members.

What is a Cooperative?

A cooperative, or co-op, is a business that is owned by its members working toward a common goal. A co-op is governed by a board of directors, elected by its members.

40 Square Criteria

To be a member of 40 Square you must meet certain criteria. According to law, you must be considered an “employer” with at least one common law employee. The employer 1) must actively work in production agriculture in Minnesota; and 2) file either Form 1065 or Schedule F with your income tax return; 3) or provide direct services to production agriculture in Minnesota (including farm corporations).

Enrollment Details

Open enrollment is now closed. To see if you are eligible for the special open enrollment period, call 1-844-205-9579.

Health Plan Information

Through its health plan consortium, 40 Square offers six health insurance plans with a variety of deductibles and prescription drug benefits. The plan network is Preferred One, and MultiPlan for provider services outside of Minnesota. Find additional details on the Health Plan Participant page.

Illustrative Rate Examples

Employer #1 Willmar, Minn.
Employer #2 Roseau, Minn.

Family of Four

Dad – 28 yrs. old. Mom – 27 yrs.old.

Child 1 – 3 yrs old. Child 2 – 1 yrs.old.

On a 40 Square health plan with a $6,550 individual deductible ($13,100 family), this family is estimated to pay $1,088 a month for health coverage.


Single – 56 yrs. old.

On a 40 Square health plan with a $5,550 individual deductible, this individual is estimated to pay $574 a month for health coverage.

Married Couple

Husband – 45 yrs. old.

Wife – 43 yrs. old.

On a 40 Square health plan with a $5,500 individual deductible ($11,000 family), this couple is estimated to pay $765 a month for health coverage.

Additional Benefits

Vision, dental and voluntary life insurance benefits are also available.


Telemedicine, personalized wellness programs and prescription drug savings – HealthiestYou provides members of 40 Square additional health benefits that help keep Minnesota’s farm families happy and healthy. Find out more.

Patient Advocacy

Patient advocates, powered by Alithias, provide members with information and support to make better health care decisions. This service is included with every member’s health plan.

Press and Media

40 Square received a lot of attention when the organization was officially launched in 2017! Check out our Press page to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about 40 Square? Check out our FAQ page.