40 Square has been the collective mission of health care advocates for more than a decade. Cooperative Network, the Minnesota and Wisconsin state trade association of cooperatives and United Farmers Cooperative, an agricultural supply cooperative based in Winthrop, Minnesota, has been striving for member-owned health plan options for Minnesota farm families and their employees since 2004. Putting this idea into motion, 40 Square Cooperative Solutions was created and registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State in 2009.

With recent legislative changes, 40 Square Cooperative Solutions, is excited to sponsor a joint self-insurance plan that will be funded through a trust. (The joint self-insurance plan and trust is also known as the 40 Square Consortium Health Plan or “Consortium.”)

What is a Cooperative?

A cooperative, or co-op, is a business that is owned by its members working toward a common goal. A co-op is governed by a board of directors, elected by its members.


Our mission has been to establish a member-owned, member-governed cooperative which: 1) offers increased access to quality health coverage options; 2) inform, coach, and educate  members about health care and, 3) provide wellness information for Minnesota’s agricultural community.


To be recognized by our members, and the health care industry, as a member-controlled provider of health coverage with outstanding service that brings trust, transparency and ownership to our 40 Square Cooperative Solutions’ Members.



Looking for a Health Plan?