Membership in 40 Square Co-op

Members of 40 Square Cooperative Solutions enjoy benefits the co-op offers through their purchase of voting stock and common stock. The cooperative is governed by a board of directors, elected by its members.

To become a member of the co-op, according to state law, federal law and co-op bylaws, you must be an employer who:

  • Actively works in production agriculture in Minnesota
  • Files either Form 1065 or Schedule F with your income tax return, OR
  • Provides direct services to production agriculture in Minnesota
    • This includes farm corporations and businesses who predominately receive their income from providing their services to production agriculture
    • Purchases Voting Stock in an amount of $100.00 (one-time, only for the farm/business/employer)
    • Purchases Common Stock of $1,000 over the first year (one-time, only for the farm/business/employer)
    • Commits to three-consecutive years of participation, or risks forfeiting all or a portion of the total $1,100 investment
    • Has a minimum of one “Common Law” employee (someone who you provide a W-2, does not have to be a full-time person, can be a spouse doing the farm books)

Each farm/business/employer is billed for premiums on a monthly basis:

  • A statement is sent to the employer (member) for all covered lives (employer and employees and their covered dependents)
  • Payment is by automatic ACH withdrawal
  • Because 40 Square is self-insured, there is no requirement to cost-share with employees

We offer multiple plans with health savings account options and deductibles ranging from $1,500-$7,900.* You can find more about 40 Square’s health plan coverage options here.


*Deductibles are subject to change from year-to-year.



“This is an opportunity for farmers to group together for better health coverage.”

– 40 Square member

  • View your health plan benefits
  • Print a replacement ID card
  • Review claims and out-of-pocket balances

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