Fast Facts

Who is eligible to be a 40 Square Co-op Member?

According to law, you must be considered an “employer” with at least one common law employee. The employer must actively work in production agriculture in Minnesota and file either Form 1065 or Schedule F with their income tax return or provide direct services to production agriculture in Minnesota. (This includes farm corporations, as well as small agribusinesses who predominantly receive a majority of their income from services provided to production agriculture.)

What medical provider network will I have?

PreferredOne is a leading provider organization who has a broad network of physicians, clinics and hospitals in Minnesota.

How can I find an in-network doctor or clinic? Is my doctor covered?

Search the PreferredOne network  to find doctors, a clinic, or see if your doctor is listed as an in-network provider. 

Traveling out-of-state? Search the MultiPlan network  for network providers.

What will the cost of my premium be?

Premium rates are dependent on a combination of factors such as age, ZIP code, medical background and plan choice. During the open enrollment period, you can receive a quote online or by working through a 40 Square agent partner. Outside of open enrollment, you can receive a quote by contacting us at 1-844-205-9579 or get an estimate online now.